After more than 20 years of designing and building costumes and costume accessories, I found myself crossing over into the world of fashion. I am a recycle artist working with found objects, fabrics and other unique materials. Collecting designer, vintage and unique clothing and accessories became a hobby until one day, I began dyeing clothing from my collection in browns, grays, plums and other muted and dark colors. Although I was unaware of the Steampunk Fashion movement initially, I was drawn to the idea of re-shaping, embellishing, and modifying clothing - old gowns especially - into a style of clothing that I later learned was called Steampunk. I mixed influences such as Victorian, Nouveau, and Deco with "de-constructed," shredded and old fashioned dyeing techniques, and then blended them by using 75% recycled materials. All of this and my decadent costuming style led me to the door of this genre called Steampunk.

My personal reason for doing a rental business is because it is so eco-friendly. Most of our costumes are made from "hand-me-downs," items of value that would otherwise be trashed. Our specialty is finding designer or very high quality pieces and then "reclaiming" them, giving them a second life. Many of the things we find have not even been previously worn. You know, like that great pair of jeans you bought in hopes you would lose those 10 pounds? Yup, we found them at your garage sale.