For Women and Men


Steampunk leggings We make the leggings in all sizes for men and women and they are characterized by one leg being in solid colors (usually black or brown) and the other in striped matching colors. All in stretch cotton spandex. They can be worn under a skirt, petticoat or solo for men or women.

Add a fitted jacket or coat:

One great thing about the Victorian era is how great men looked in their fitted coats. We create all lengths of fitted coats and jackets for men and women. Women's fitted jackets are designed to split over the "bustle" in the back. Even if you don't have a bustle, it makes the waist look smaller.

Pouch, purse, or handbag:

We recommend that you carry more than one. We have them in every shape and size and recommend that you attach at least one to one of your belts. In our modern times, it's great to have everything you need to head out for the day; phones, cameras, computers, blackberries, water bottles, you name it. They all need a place to be stowed and who wants to carry them? You need your hands free to tip your hat to the hundreds of people smiling and ogling you in your beautiful style. In the world of steampunk, you need to be prepared for any adventure.

For women

We carry a great line of dresses, gowns, skirts and blouses, jackets and bustles, as well as corsets, long-line bras, and petticoats. We rent both evening wear and day wear, and everything can be mixed and matched. All have great accessories to match, including hand-painted shoes or boots, chokers and necklaces, jabots, wrist lace, and more.

The skelt:

Steampunk skelt Our favorite waist enhancer is called the "skelt" (too big to be a belt, too small to be a skirt). Its worn over the hips and has lace or chiffon gathered just below the belt with a fluffy bustle look with loads of floof in the back. It looks great over skirts, petticoats, and especially our "parti-colored" leggings.

For men

We have hand-dyed shirts and pants, as well as parti-colored leggings and vintage style jodhpurs, knickers and dress slacks. We have vests, jackets and great accessories for men as well including ascots, cravats and scarves. We rent the outfits complete with shoes or boots and even fingerless gloves and pocket watches



We rent and sell all length coats, cloaks and capes in all sizes and styles. Our classic Edwardian coats come complete with Sherlock Holmes style capelets.

The ultimate Steampunk Accessory...

Top Hats

Top hats are available in every size, shape and color. Our favorite is the "tiny" top hat, made in velours and velvets. It sits on the forehead with the help of a small (yet comfy) elastic band at the back of the neck. We carry a complete line of men's hats in all styles, from classic felt top hats, to the elegant velvet Edwardians, up to the Mad Hatter versions with decorated bands. Since we have a large collection of hats in felts, velvets, straws and more, we specialize in feathers as well, with custom made fobs, pins, barrets and clips for the hair.

Steampunk boa If you think you are done, add another accessory. One great thing about Steampunk is all the accessories. There are hats, hat bands, gloves, necklaces, pins, watches, gizmos*(more about this later), purses, handbags, scarves, sashes, shawls, belts, bustles and jewelry. Finally, we have left the fashion minimalists' attitudes of the 90's!


A gizmo is a hand prop that is usually custom made from some sort of tool, power tool or whatchamacallit. Gizmos are part of the wardrobe accessory line and we do have a small line of them in the works.

The big finish...


Our most unusual accessory for the Steampunk look is masks. Each mask is custom made and includes a mini-sculpture. The masks are designed for wearing and for hanging on the wall as well. We carry a full line of sizes and shapes and can do custom masks in colors and styles that match your total outfit or decor.

Masks might not be for every occasion, but if you are wearing a cloak, a fabulous evening outfit, or just going somewhere to cause a commotion, you need a mask. We make them steampunk style with elegance, symmetry and a little bit of wow. We have all shapes and sizes. Some are ornate, some small and plain, and some with big feathers. We will happily custom make one in any size to match your outfit. In many historical times, people wore masks for warmth, protection from disease, and other more functional purposes, but the most popular reason then and now is to create mystery. It's great fun and the results of wearing a mask will surprise you.

Our personal favorite...



Steampunk weddings Our large collection of pre-owned designer wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses is large and contains all sizes. Each gown is uniquely hand dyed (very few white ones are available) with hats, veils and other accessories also available. Some of the gowns were originally sold for over $5,000 and were, of course, only worn once.

For the groom and his men. We have fabulous plain and painted tailcoats and tuxedos for all sizes from infant (yes, teeny tiny) to size jumbo. We have all the accessories as well. We recommend a steampunk decorated belt for all the men in the wedding party.


We have created a large selection of Steampunk and other feathered boutonnieres and can even embellish them with tiny antique pewter letters for the ultimate personalization.