Why Rent?

Rental of couture fashion has recently become very popular and allows for the ultimate "original" style experience without having to spend a fortune or over-stuff your closet. Our adaptation of rental couture is to use vintage and designer fashions and accessories which have been re-styled in the Steampunk fashion genre. Almost all of our art-fashions use reclaimed and recycled materials, and many have high end designer labels. This is our way of creating fashion with the idea of recycling, re-using and re-creating from materials that would normally be headed for the land fill. Because they are hand-dyed, they are all hand washable, so no dry cleaning is necessary, which is an additional benefit to the environment.

Although we specialize in rentals, we do sell things as well. We mostly sell accessories, since our supply of recycled belts, purses and hats is substantial. Painted and "spunked*" shoes are another of our rent or sell categories. Most of the shoes are designer "reclaimed" shoes. The painted ones are just one more over-the-top accessory that looks great displayed in a bookcase when not being worn. We happily sell things that can be constructed locally. Our top hats, ranging from tiny to Mad Hatter size, are always available for sale in almost in color. We can also create custom built fashions for men and women in any size for sale as well as rent. (* Our word for transforming the ordinary into Steampunk)

Renting (instead of buying) allows the wearer to be unique and one of kind for any occasion and insures that he or she will always be an original. Since everything is one of a kind and mostly from totally unique parts, all pieces are considered wearable art and are totally collectible.

The way it works:

We carry a complete line of couture Steampunk fashions and accessories in all sizes for both men and women. Just like all couture fashion rental companies, most of the garments are one of a kind, which means there is only one and in one size. However, we have many outfits and all sizes. All we need to get started is your bust/chest, waist, and height measurement in inches. (Later in the process we may need head, shoe, and perhaps other measurements to complete the outfit).

We then email you photos of things in your size and you can request different accessory options. Once you select a fashion you like, we complete the total look with shoes, boots, hats, gloves or armcovers, hand props and other unique accessories. Since we have a huge selection of accessories, you can rent just "parts" of outfits. We also can rent custom-made items that are designed and built just for you. Again, we recommend you email us sizing information and we send you photos of things in your size.

Check out the main style pages to get a feel for the style, then call us and we will help to put together a total Steampunk ensemble with a complete "hat-to-shoes look" or just accessorize to "spunk" up your wardrobe. If you don't see it, ask.... we probably have it.